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Voice Search Optimization Services in Canada

Voice search optimization is the approach of streamlining the product information on your pages to come up with the answers when customers go on to voice search. The goal of voice search SEO is to respond to the user questions when they conduct verbal searches. This optimization process will allow your page to be read by the voice search devices like Alexa, Ok Google, and Siri.

According to Search Engine Journal, 58 percent of people use voice search to find the information about products they look out for.

60 percent of people say that smart devices are necessary to their lifestyle, and they cannot imagine without them.

56 percent o voice searches have been performed to search for something up on the internet.

25 percent of 10 desktop searches done by voice.

75 percent of voice search results rank in the first three positions for a specific question on a desktop search.

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What makes us different?

Since voice search is on the rise, it is essential to have voice search optimization for your website to facilitate the best option for voice search users.

So, what is the best way for your website to have a voice search for users friendly? Here, I like to give some tips;

Voice search happens mostly on smartphones, so your website should be responsive and easy to navigate on smartphones.

Using long-tail keywords in content can help you a lot. It is good for responding to the particular question of customers.

Content that is uploaded has to be accurate and up-to-date. The major problem with voice search is that results are not appropriate. So, content should be fresh and SEO-friendly.

Voice search SEO service providers can change the scenario when you partner with them.

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Users’ intent for voice search
The process of Google is to rely on featured snippets and knowledge graphs to respond to the user’s voice queries. The users’ intent for voice search is to get the answers easily and quickly. A high domain rating will help get quick results. What are the featured snippets?
Featured snippets are simple answers for customer queries, extracted by Google from the existing ranks on the top pages for users. Rich snippets positioned above organic search possibilities, in the form of short paragraphs, charts, images, tables, YouTube videos, bullets, etc.

When your pages are optimized for featured snippets, it is understandable that your web pages respond to users’ queries. As per the reports, featured snippets get about an 8 percent click-through rate. So, there is a chance for high CTR. Therefore, SEO for voice search is essential.

What is a knowledge graph?
The Google knowledge graph is an enormous database that Google search engine provides the exact information to users’ questions. Google knowledge graph gathers information from different sources for users. Google always finds existing knowledge graphs to respond to users’ voice searches. Google voice search SEO is indispensable for your website.

The Key Strategies for voice search optimization
Most voice searches have a question form. So, picking questionable keywords with long-tail can be vital to answer the queries quickly for users.

Schema Markup is the best way to enhance your content.

When you have a FAQ section, it can deliver a quick response to users as the description is short and easy.

Detailed information with power words can be a good option for voice search.

The website should be fast enough to load
Your website should be mobile-friendly.

It is the best way to optimize your website with local SEO techniques to fetch a good ranking with words like ‘Near Me’. Today, hundreds of voice search SEO companies are mushrooming, but Graby has its uniqueness to deliver expected results for clients in Vancouver, Canada.

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It’s no surprise that users are increasing day-by-day to use voice to get information instead of using a keyboard. Graby is specialized to deliver your dream results for your website.

Why do you use question keywords and long-tail Keywords for voice search results?
When users start a voice search, they use a detailed query rather than a short form to get the information. So, putting short keywords won’t work and you need long-tail keywords. The difference between voice search and regular search is that users type short form words to get Google suggestions, whereas voice search is different, and people use the long question to get the right info. So, long-tail keywords and question forms of keyword optimization are necessary.

On the other hand, people like to use voice search as it is much easier than typing for a long time. People prefer voice because they feel comfortable with voice search.

Context to content by schema markup
Schema Markup can help search engines with the content with its structured data because it influences voice SEO. With the help of schema, the search can be easy for users. It is essential to adapt the schema for the voice search strategy.

Maintain FAQ section
Most question forms are the queries from voice search users that start with Who, What, Where, How, When, etc. When you have a FAQ section on your website, then it could be easy for users to get answers without any difficulty.

Answers should be in a conversational tone for the user’s better understanding of the voice search. Your website and pages need to be technically sound and add the schema markup to support the search engines. At the same time, the navigation part is also crucial, and good speed is also essential.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Google has created for users to get the response quickly on smartphones, computers, or compatible devices. Although it has been around for a long time now, it has become so popular everywhere in the world.


Contemplating that more users prefer voice search than typing out on search engines for their desired products or services. Thus, voice search optimization is essential to get the right keywords quickly for a user’s search.


The reason for choosing this mode of searching online is so convenient for mobile searchers. It is easier and quicker for users to get the information than typing a query.