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Let us deep-dive into your campaigns

It’s time to take control of your online advertising and unlock the full potential of your marketing budget.

Are you tired of investing time and money into your Google Ads campaigns without seeing the results you desire?

We have confidence in our abilities. Through our audit, we demonstrate the value we can provide.
So, in the worst case scenario, you receive a document with valuable insights.
In the best case scenario, a collaboration is established that takes your business to a new level.

Let us go through your account and look at:

  • Where to save costs
  • How to increase traffic
  • How to generate more revenue
  • How to write better converting ads
  • Which new features you are missing

How are your Google ads campaigns really performing?

Get an extensive audit finished within 7 days for free. No strings attached.
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Service Offered Brand Identity | Web App Development

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Service Offered Brand Awareness | SEM

Searching for an experienced digital marketing firm to help your business stay ahead of the curve is no easy task. Graby has the resources to ensure you are up to date with the most recent trends and build a comprehensive plan to help you reach your goals. With 9+ years of expertise, we have the ability to drive organic growth through paid campaigns and media, making sure your brand is seen by the right people. Our services guarantee your business will have top placement on Google, eye–catching website design, and a powerful social media presence. Check out our recent work and services.

Our top talent helps ambitious companies set up the best campaigns to attract their target audience and build the business of their dreams.

We are reliable, proactive and ambitious and strive for working together with a high quality. Let us use our passion and knowledge to grow your business.

What aspects of your account will we analyze?

We analyze whether the ads are clear, persuasive, and compelling, and if they encourage clicks.

Based on your targets, we assess whether the right bidding strategies are being implemented.

Can’t scale without a solid foundation. We examine the areas for improvement in your account structure.

We evaluate the regions, languages, and target audiences you are focusing on and identify potential opportunities.

If it can be measured, it should be measured. We provide insights into any gaps in your conversion tracking.

Which keywords should you bid on? Or avoid? Our audit will provide you with the answers.

Google Ads = search, display, YouTube, and Shopping. We assess whether you are leveraging each optimally.

We’ll review your ads and landing pages to meet the requirements for a perfect quality score.

Expand your ads with extensions such as company name, logo, and images. We verify if these are correctly implemented.


We go beyond the click. On your website we’ll scout for ways to improve conversion rates.

Experimentation is key to improvement. We review ongoing tests and identify areas for further experimentation.

You will receive a report on the quality of photos and videos used in your campaigns.

Frequently Ask Questions

Definitely, we’ll let you know how that is possible.

Yes, we just really hope we will surprise you with our expertise. But if not, then no hard feelings.

There are possibilities for agencies and freelancers to request an audit well. Contact us, and we’ll discuss the details.

Access to Google Ads. Apart from that, access to Google Merchant Center and Google Analytics, if available.